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Agency Tips to Hiring a SaaS SEO Copywriter

Published on

October 10, 2023

Agency Tips to Hiring a SaaS SEO Copywriter

Table of contents
👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

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👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

If you want my team to help with your eCommerce SEO campaigns, click here.

Your website should be a money-making, prospect-converting machine. 

And yet, for many SaaS businesses, website analytics show low conversions and high bounce rates. 

It’s one thing to hire an SEO copywriter or an SEO agency to get traffic, but what happens when prospects are on the page is equally important.

Your copy needs to bridge the gap between the search query (the problem you solve) and your product (how you solve that problem).

Whoever you hire to write website content needs to understand your product, your marketing narrative, your brand guidelines, and ultimately feed that back into the content.

This is the reason so many “SEO campaigns” fail at delivering bottom line impact: they focus too much on gaming search engines and not enough on spreading your marketing.

So for this reason, and many others, hiring a good SEO copywriter can make or break your SaaS business. 

💡 SaaS Copywriting Serves A Double Purpose
As long as it’s well done, SaaS SEO copywriting serves a double purpose: it puts your website in front of the right people by making it appear in Google search results and converts them into buyers once they land on your website.

Now that you know that you really need to win the game when it comes to choosing a SaaS SEO copywriter, let me help you find the right one. 

Decide If You Want Your SaaS SEO Copywriter To Be From An Agency Or In-House

You might be wondering whether you should hire an in-house SaaS copywriter or outsource your copywriting and content writing needs to a SaaS copywriting agency.

Before you make a decision, let’s weigh the pros and cons of each. 

saas copywriter
In-house SaaS SEO copywriter versus agency
⚠️ Disclaimer. There is, of course, a third option: the freelance SaaS SEO copywriter. But, in my opinion, a freelance SaaS SEO copywriter is too unstable, requires too much training, and doesn’t provide the security of an agency. This option is too risky for a B2B business that requires more consistency in its content marketing efforts than a B2C company.

Reaching Out To SaaS SEO Copywriters 

There are multiple ways you can look for a talented SaaS SEO copywriter or agency:

  1. Craft a job ad that highlights your copywriting requirements
  2. Look for talented SaaS SEO copywriters or agencies on Upwork or LinkedIn (that’s where Laura finds our finest gems all the time)
  3. Type SaaS SEO copywriter online and look for top ranking agencies or writer profiles (if they rank, they’re doing something right)
  4. If you know websites/companies with really good website copy, ask them who they are working with. 

Top candidates look like this:

  • They are knowledgeable about tech terminology
  • They have the skill to make complex topics accessible and enjoyable for readers
  • They have a background in SaaS or technical writing.

Shortlist the candidates that seem to be the most qualified at first sight, but don’t make up your mind yet. 

Study Your Candidates’ Writing Portfolios 

Once you have a couple of candidates, take a look at their work. 

If it’s a writer, ask for writing samples from previous work. If you are considering hiring an agency, take a look at their website, and read examples of delivered work. 

Some agencies have a dedicated “portfolio” page or a playbook on their website, others share their clients testimonials instead — you can also go on these clients' blogs to have an idea of how good the deliverables are.

If you can’t manage to find any examples of previous work, it’s a red flag. 🚩

Once you have these blog posts under your eyes, make sure to pay attention to how the authors have approached the following elements: 

  • The angle of the article: If there is no original angle, it means that the piece is probably not memorable to the reader, which is a bad sign. You want your target audience to remember you as soon as it gets in touch with your copywriting. 
  • How the article addresses the target audience: A good copywriter should have their ICP figured out. Look out for any contradictory ways of addressing the reader, and ask yourself : “Is it clear who the text is talking to?” 
  • How the text answers questions: Good SEO content is judged by its ability to provide answers to the users’ questions in a concise and straightforward way —front-loading the knowledge. Weed out all the SEO copywriters who write fluffy sentences or seem to miss the point. 
  • The use of emotions: To make sure a reader stays on a page, the copy must evoke emotions, without exaggeration. Look for a good balance between emotional storytelling and a factual tone of voice. 
  • How data, examples, and case studies are included: A hint to very good copywriting is the use of data and real-life examples to back up a statement. Make sure the SaaS SEO copywriter you are hiring does their research and fact-checks their work.
  • Calls-to-action: As I was saying at the beginning of this article, a good copywriter is supposed to direct your audience towards their next step: subscribing to a newsletter, reading another (bigger) piece of content, or buying a subscription from you. 

Test potential candidates

I highly advise you to test your short-listed candidates. We always do it internally when hiring new copywriters for our clients.

Prepare a little assignment of 500–700 words to see how it goes. It’s better if the test is paid, as experienced writers rarely accept working for free. 

📌 Tip: Nowadays, it’s better to verify if the delivered test was AI generated. I’m not against using AI for copywriting, but you need to ensure the writing skills you’ve tested are legit.

“AI detectors” out there do not work (here’s a nerdy video to understand why), but you can ask ChatGPT to write a text following the same instruction and see for comparison.

Wrapping Things Up

As a SaaS business, copywriting is essential in helping you stand out from the crowd and deliver your marketing narrative to your target audience.

Your copy should make a solid contribution to your bottom line. If you want to get found on Google by the right people and convert them into paying customers, hiring a skilled SaaS SEO copywriter will definitely help you do so.

Kristin Myshkin

I'm a content and on-page SEO specialist here at ScaleCrush. I love when a blog post becomes more than a marketing piece, but an original source of information. This probably comes from my background in journalism.

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