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Unlock the Power of Bottom of the Funnel Content

Published on

July 10, 2023

Unlock the Power of Bottom of the Funnel Content

Table of contents
👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

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👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

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☝️ The marketing funnel is a widely known and understood marketing concept. This is a valid theory but it has its flaws, which can make it detrimental to your strategy. If you want to stick with the basics, our 3 articles on BOFU, MOFU and TOFU content are enough. But if you want to explore this rabbit hole a bit deeper, you'd better read this article on the content marketing funnel.

To have a successful content marketing strategy, it's important to focus on all stages of the sales funnel and not just on high-volume search queries. High-volume searches are usually aligned with TOFU purchase intent. 

These searches are typically done by people who are seeking general information or are in the initial stages of researching a product or topic. 

Consequently, a vast majority of these searchers are not yet ready to commit to a purchase decision.

An effective content marketing strategy attracts, engages, and converts prospects into customers. It should cater to the needs of both the business and its audience. 

This article will shed light on the importance of BOFU content, provide tips on how to identify it, and showcase popular BOFU content formats.

What is bottom of the funnel content (BOFU content)?

BOFU content marks the end of the buyer's journey. It's what prospects engage with to finalize their decision before making a purchase. While this content aims to encourage a sale, it also offers additional value, just like content targeting other stages of the funnel.

When considering buying a SaaS product, prospects often compare features between your service and competitors. They may also seek out case studies from those who have addressed a similar problem and implemented the solution successfully.

💡 BOFU content always requires one key element: trust.

Regardless of the situation, it's essential that potential customers feel confident in choosing your product or service. It's also important to emphasize the unique benefits that your product offers, even if it's slightly more expensive than competitors.

bottom of funnel content
BOFU is the last step of the traditional sales funnel

Why is bottom of the funnel content so important?

At the top of the funnel (TOFU), not all traffic will convert into active leads. During the awareness stage, potential customers may simply be seeking information about your business or saving it for future reference. 

The MOFU stage, also known as the mid-funnel stage, offers businesses a unique opportunity to qualify potential customers based on their interactions.

💡 By making free product samples available, simplifying websites, and making customer support readily accessible, businesses can guide visitors towards the BOFU stage.

As your leads move through your sales funnel, they will inevitably reach the bottom where they become BOFU leads. These leads are the ones who have actively shown interest in working with your business and are motivated to learn more about how your product or service can benefit them. 

bottom of the funnel content
BOFU content should be your first priority when producing content.

The decision-making process at this stage is crucial, as it may involve other stakeholders who have an impact on the final purchasing decision. 

Thus, it's important to provide these BOFU leads with all the necessary information they need to make an informed decision. This could include product demonstrations, case studies, and customer testimonials to showcase the value that your business can provide. 

💡 It's important to remember that BOFU leads are prime opportunities to convert into paying customers, so taking the time to properly educate and engage with them can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Bottom-of-the-funnel content is the final push that can convert prospective customers into loyal brand advocates. When customers are browsing general topic or industry-related content, they may be interested but far from convinced. That's why it's essential to create content that provides all the information they need to make a confident purchasing decision. 

At the bottom of the funnel, your content must show how your product can solve a specific challenge, providing evidence and examples to support it.

Bottom of the funnel versus middle and top of the funnel content

When a potential buyer enters your sales funnel can greatly influence the content you should provide them. Let's break down the funnel into three stages for more clarity.

TOFU content or the Awareness stage: The audience is aware of a problem and actively seeking educational resources and tools to better comprehend the issue.

MOFU content or the Consideration stage: Your audience is currently exploring solutions for their problem. They are actively seeking out different options to choose from. 

BOFU content or the Decision stage: Your audience is seeking a solution to their problem. They are aware of the available products and services and are evaluating which one is the best fit for their needs.

bottom of funnel content examples
BOFU content is only 1 step of the sales funnel.

Common types of bottom of the funnel content

The format of your BOFU content should match your business model. Multiple formatting options have been successful for SaaS businesses, such as:

  • Comparison pages
  • Alternative pages
  • Case studies
  • Free trials
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing pages

BOFU content #1 - Product comparison pages (“[Insert brand] vs [Insert brand]”)

A comprehensive competitor comparison sets you apart from competition and helps your audience understand what makes your product different. 

By analyzing your competitors' products and services, you have the opportunity to highlight your own unique selling points and provide a clear picture of the benefits that your product can offer. 

With this information, your audience can make an informed decision about whether or not your product meets their needs. 

bottom of the funnel content examples
Comparison pages are the most popular type of BOFU content

Why it works

At this point, readers of comparison content have already done their initial research. They are aware of at least two potential solutions to their problem and are now seeking more specific information about each. This presents an excellent opportunity to emphasize the key selling points and capture their attention.


1/ Capturing existing customers and potential customers who are weighing your product against one specific competitor 

👁️ PandaDoc versus DocuSign

bofu content
Example of BOFU content: PandaDoc comparison page

This comparison was written by PandaDoc to cater to those considering purchasing DocuSign. It offers a detailed analysis of features and pricing, while also showcasing PandaDoc's standout qualities, like its powerful online document editor. The content serves as a valuable resource for the sales team to address any questions about the comparison and provide additional reading materials for potential customers.

2/ Capturing existing customers and potential customers who are weighing two competitor’s product

👁️ AdobeSign vs DocuSign

bofu content examples
Another example of BOFU content: PandaDoc comparison page

This article that compares Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign was also written by PandaDoc, which is a competitor of both tools.

This creative tactic lets you use your competitors' brand awareness to boost your SEO and content. PandaDoc has satisfied the search intent by comparing Adobe and DocuSign, while also presenting itself as a third alternative.

👁️ Trello vs ClickUp

what is bofu content
Example of BOFU content: ClickUp alternative page

ClickUp boldly compares their superior features to Trello's more restricted free options.

bottom of funnel content
Example of BOFU content: ClickUp alternative page

Use comparison tables to clearly demonstrate the value of your brand compared to competitors. Position your product as the superior choice, without being overly biased like ClickUp.

BOFU content #2 - Alternative Roundups (“[Insert brand] alternatives”)

When people are ready to make a purchase, they often search for "[Insert brand] alternatives" on Google. This presents for you a great opportunity to create content that highlights why your product is the best alternative to your competitors.

The key goal here is to clearly communicate to your target customers how your product outperforms your competitor by highlighting the features they lack. Show them why your product is the better choice for their needs.

bottom of the funnel content
People who are eager to buy are often looking for alternative pages, another common type of BOFU content.

Why it works

When someone actively seeks an alternative, they are eager to make a purchase. They have identified their problem and are now on the lookout for the best solution. Perhaps the solution they are aware of is too costly or does not have a specific feature they need. In this situation, you, as a content marketer, have the chance to provide the ideal alternative.


1/ Capturing existing customers and potential customers who are weighing your product against competition 

👁️ Top 13 ClickUp Alternatives

bottom of funnel content examples
Clickup does BOFU content right with their alternative pages.

When customers are looking for alternatives, you have a chance to address their concerns. By publishing and ranking content like this, you make it difficult for your competitors and have the opportunity to persuade the reader.

The article starts by stating that if ClickUp isn’t helping their customers with their project management matters, they’ll help them find another tool that gets them on the right track.

bottom of the funnel content examples
Clickup highlights their features with their BOFU content

In this article, ClickUp provides a list of alternative products and addresses the drawbacks of each one. Asana is identified as one of the potential alternatives, with a specific focus on its limited privacy permissions, which ClickUp offers a superior solution for.

bofu content
Always use SemRush to determine which keywords to include in your bottom of the funnel content.

2/ Capturing potential customers who are searching for alternatives to competitors' products

👁️ 17 Best Asana Alternatives For Project Management In 2023

bofu content examples
Hive's BOFU content about Asana alternatives

Thanks to this article, Hive has positioned itself #1 for the keyword “Asana alternatives”.

what is bofu content
With this bottom of the funnel article, Hive positioned itself as the best result for "Asana alternatives"

 👁️ 18 best DocuSign alternatives to explore in 2023

bofu content
PandaDoc nailed their BOFU content with this article about the best DocuSign alternatives

With the page above, PandaDoc managed to rank #1 for the keyword “Docusign alternatives”.

They start by presenting DocuSign’s weaknesses, and introduce PandaDoc as the best alternative on the market.

bofu content examples
PandaDoc ranks #1 for "Docusign alternatives"

BOFU content #3 - Free trial pages

Get prospects to convert with a free trial or demo, the final step in the decision-making process.

Why it works

When customers are considering a purchase, they typically compare various options. By offering a free trial, you give them the opportunity to test your product and see its benefits without any cost. 

After they sign up for the trial, you can guide them through the onboarding process to address their concerns, answer their questions, and help them truly understand your product. 

Creating a landing page for the free trial is the first step in building a relationship with potential customers.


👁️ Trello free trial landing page - A catchy headline

what is bofu content
Example of a great bottom-of-the-funnel landing page with Trello

Trello's landing page starts strong with a headline that grabs your attention by emphasizing the length of the free trial. The page offers clear and concise information displayed in visually appealing bullet points.

The page is designed vertically, with the video placed at the top and a link to a webinar at the bottom for more information. This layout simplifies understanding of the main benefits and provides aid to visitors.

👁️ Shopify free trial landing page - Keeps it simple

bofu content
Shopify keeps it simple with their BOFU landing page

Shopify's trial landing page for sellers is simple and persuasive. It highlights the key points about its top-notch product, letting users know that Shopify is a trusted and easy-to-use all-in-one platform.

👁️ Salesforce free trial landing page - Keeps visitors focused

bofu content examples
Salesforce keeps it simple with their BOFU landing page

Salesforce effectively maintains visitor focus by omitting a navigation menu, keeping distractions from other links near the headline at bay.

Effective utilization of white space skillfully directs focus towards the form positioned on the left side, while also enhancing visibility of the engaging copy and captivating image on the right side.

BOFU content #4 - Case Studies

Case studies are an effective form of bottom-of-the-funnel content. They provide a valuable opportunity to showcase your achievements to potential customers who may still be undecided about making a purchase. 

Why it works

By presenting real-life examples of how your product or service successfully addressed a specific business challenge and produced concrete outcomes, you can make a compelling case for why prospects should choose you.


👁️ HubSpot - Combine written copy with visuals

what is bofu content
HubSpot combines copy and visual in their BOFY content.

This case study stands out because it prioritizes the customer. This aligns with HubSpot's commitment to always prioritize the customer. The introduction highlights the founder's motivation for starting Handled and their belief in the value of a CRM

Additionally, it mentions a noteworthy achievement of Handled, its expansion to 121 locations through the use of HubSpot.

👁️ Fractl - Emphasizes outcomes rather than the process

bottom of the funnel marketing
Fractl emphasizes outcomes rather than processes with their BOFU content.

The case study emphasizes outcomes rather than the process, making it a standard third-person case study. It highlights the achievements the company attained for a specific client without diving into the specifics of how it was done. 

These types of case studies are effective in convincing hesitant potential customers to come on board. Demonstrating past successful results for similar companies or individuals is the most effective way to showcase your abilities. 

Depending on your intended audience, providing a thorough implementation case study may be a more suitable choice.

👁️ Chili Piper - Captures the reader’s attention

bottom of the funnel content
Chili Piper's bottom-of-the-funnel content captures attention.

The case study emphasizes significant achievements such as a fivefold increase in inbound meeting bookings and a threefold increase in revenue mentioned in the title.

The study effectively utilizes the mentioned numbers to capture the reader's attention. It then proceeds to offer a concise explanation of how those results were obtained, taking us from Point A to Point B. 

Additionally, candid client video testimonials and quotes add more context and bring a personal touch to Chili Piper's product.

BOFU content #5 - Reviews and testimonials

Using customer reviews and testimonials can significantly boost your sales and content marketing efforts. When prospective buyers witness the positive outcomes others have experienced with your product, it instills confidence and trust.

Why it works

Customer reviews are valuable endorsements from independent sources that hold greater influence with potential customers. In a world saturated with exaggerated claims, authentic feedback from real customers can be a compelling force to drive action.


👁️ 99designs - Reassure, reassure, reassure

bottom of funnel marketing
Testimonials can significantly boost your sales and content marketing efforts.

The testimonials page on 99designs serves as a social proof marketing page. The goal is to provide visitors with ample positive evidence of the impact that 99designs can have on their business, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. 

To achieve this, the page incorporates raw statistics, video testimonials, and over 37,000 design content ratings categorized by industry. Prospective customers can feel assured when buying from 99designs with all the information provided on this page.

👁️ MHelpDesk - Engage with videos

bottom of the funnel
MHelpdesk's bottom of the funnel content engages users with videos.

MHelpDesk offers a field service software with a well-designed customer review page. This page includes video and written testimonials, thorough customer reviews, and case study testimonials. 

What sets MHelpDesk apart is their inclusion of badges from reputable review sites on their testimonial page. The focus on real video testimonials by actual clients adds a level of authenticity that customers appreciate. 

Video reviews have proven to be more engaging and preferred over other forms of reviews.

👁️ Dribbble - No unnecessary frills 

bottom of the funnel marketing
Dribble uses no frills in their bottom of the funnel marketing

Dribbble, the online design community, keeps it simple on their testimonial page. User quotes are neatly arranged in a two-column layout, with links to each person's Dribbble account. Some testimonials stand out with eye-catching colors, a hero image, or a video.

BOFU content #6 - Pricing pages

When brainstorming BOFU content, content marketers often overlook pricing pages. However, they can be a powerful tools for increasing conversions. By tailoring your pricing page to your diverse audience segments and addressing analysis paralysis, it can become a highly effective sales page.

Why it works

The pricing page on your website is crucial in persuading prospects to make a purchase. To increase the likelihood of conversion, make sure your pricing page is attractive and reliable. 

By making it transparent and easy to understand, you provide prospects with all the necessary pre-purchase information. This reduces the chances of them having unanswered questions and improves their chances of becoming a customer.

bofu content
Pricing pages are often overlooked as BOFU content.


👁️ HubSpot - Leave nothing to the imagination

bottom of funnel content
HubSpot's pricing pages is the perfect example of BOFU content done right

HubSpot's pricing page is the most dynamic in the SaaS industry, presenting complex information in a refreshingly simple manner.

On HubSpot's pricing page, you'll find tables displaying free tools, platforms, and bundles all in one user-friendly interface. It's easy to navigate through these tables, and the interactive toggles and adjusters make the experience engaging for users.

👁️ Gusto - Every element is very straightforward

bottom of funnel content
With Gusto's pricing, everything is straightforward

Gusto's pricing page design impresses us in every aspect. It is straightforward, user-friendly, and incorporates helpful tooltips and drop-down menus for a clean look. 

The typography, colors, and icons all harmoniously blend together, showcasing Gusto's meticulous attention to detail. Well done, Gusto.

👁️ Intuit’s Quickbooks - Gives flexibility to the customer

bottom of funnel content
Quickbooks' pricing page gives the customer flexibility

Intuit's Quickbooks pricing page offers a unique deal: three months at a 50% discount or one month free. This allows readers to choose what works best for them, in addition to the available pricing options. 

We appreciate that the payment steps are clearly outlined at the top: select your plan, add payroll, and checkout. This ensures that prospects don't get tired before reaching the checkout stage. 

Additionally, Intuit effectively uses labeling options like 'Simple Start,' 'Plus,' 'Advanced,' and 'Self-employed' to attract the right customers to the appropriate packages. 

In summary, Intuit's pricing page is straightforward and offers appealing options that cater to individual preferences.

Bottom of the funnel content best practices

To create content that drives conversions at the bottom of the sales funnel, follow these best practices:

Include CTAs

During the buyer journey's final stage, being straightforward with your messages is acceptable. The majority of lower-funnel calls to action focus on conversion goals, such as free trial registration, demonstration inquiries, and purchases. 

Apart from crafting a compelling sense of urgency within your call to action (CTA), the most effective action you can take is to test your CTAs. Try various language styles, special offers, placements, sizes, and more.

bottom of the funnel marketing
All of your BOFU pages should include CTAs

Use downloadables

Downloadables serve a dual purpose. Not only can they attract potential leads, but they also enable prospects to readily consume and distribute information while discussing with colleagues involved in the decision-making process. For maximum accessibility, PDFs are the preferred format. 

Here are some noteworthy examples of valuable bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) resources:

  • Guides 
  • White papers 
  • Checklists 
  • Kits 
  • Infographics 
  • Studies and surveys
  • Templates

Keep content fresh

To effectively convey data and real-world examples, it is crucial to regularly update BOFU content.

Picture this: A potential customer is referring to your pricing comparison chart, where you claim to offer the superior deal. Your competitor's product is priced at $150 per month, while yours is at $130 per month. However, the prospect recently visited the competitor's website and discovered that their current price is actually $120 per month. When this scenario occurs with numerous customers, it creates a significant credibility issue.

Make sure to regularly check and update your blogs, landing pages, and reports with the latest data. This not only helps combat content decay but also proves to be the most efficient tactic for 51% of companies.

Be real with your audience

To have the best performance, BOFU content should be clear and precise. It is important to provide concrete examples and unbiased facts to alleviate doubts and build trust in your product. Letting satisfied customers speak by encouraging user-generated content (UGC) is a clever way to demonstrate your brand's credibility.

Highlight product features with engaging visuals

To effectively showcase your product's key features, include screenshots and software images. Provide detailed information to give potential customers a clear understanding of what your product can offer them. By doing so, you will facilitate quicker decision-making.

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