Helpful content for memorable brands

Turn a necessary evil into your greatest marketing asset by focusing on the problems you solve.

We help B2B SaaS brands build and scale their content marketing engine to unlock their growth, build their brand, and get noticed.

Creating SaaS content is hard, and you already have so much to do ...

🤔 Figuring out what to write about
  • You feel like you’ve written about it all, and don’t know what to write next
  • You have no idea what people are searching for
  • You feel like you're always missing your target audience

You just want to generate content ideas easily.

💵 Proving content & SEO ROI/profitability
  • You’re unsure whether investing in content will help you grow
  • You don’t know what your current content actually brings to your business
  • You’re unsure what metrics to be tracking
  • You’re not clear on what benchmarks to aim for

You just want to be able to plan your investments and know it will be worth it.

❌ External writers who just “don’t get it”
  • Looking at your current content makes you want to look away
  • You’re tired of writers who deliver average content
  • You feel exhausted just thinking about another writer missing their deadline

You just want a reliable way to get quality content, everytime.

📈 Scaling your content engine
  • You feel frustrated with your current content operations and you feel like they’re holding you back
  • Your current system does not allow you to get quality content at scale
  • You’re struggling to hire quality writers and it’s slowing you down

You just want to scale content production easily and (almost) effortlessly

🚀 Generating a steady flow of MQLs from content
  • You have organic traffic but it's not bringing you any business
  • You've invested in content but it's low quality and you don't feel proud of it
  • You'd like your content investments to be making you money

You just want a reliable way to generate top and bottom-line from content marketing

🚪 Rising customer acquisition (CAC) costs, and high churn
  • Paid ads are working, but it’s more and more expensive to get new business
  • You’re frustrated with high churn eating your profits
  • You’re running out of ideas to improve Lifetime value (LTV)
  • Building more features is not moving the needle

You just want to easily attract users who will buy and stay for the long run

📉 Stagnating organic traffic
  • Your organic traffic used to grow, but the graph has been flat for over 6 months now
  • You’ve tried all the “on-page SEO hacks”, but nothing has moved the needle
  • You’re lost and SEO ends up feeling like a black box
  • You don’t know who to trust or what to do anymore

You just want SEO to feel easy, transparent and understandable.

Oh, and that graph to go up and to the right 🚀.

Content Marketing is H.A.R.D.

You want content to help you scale, but you don’t know where to start ...

Here is how we can help

Foundational SEO - 4 to 6 weeks

In under 6 weeks, we audit your website and your current content setup to come up with a future-proof strategy, including:

  • Technical SEO actions

  • Existing content actions

  • New content to create

  • Tracking setup


Revenue-driven content. At Scale.

The only way to get quality content repeatedly is to get quality briefs and content outlines.

Our content specialists have years of experience briefing SaaS writers, and are the ultimate addition to your content team.

Content Promotion.

Links are still one of the most influencial factors to rank consistently.

No matter what people tell you.

Our linkbuilding system is accurate, effortless and easily scalable.

We hate busy work

Quick turnaround. Fixed Scope of Work. Transparent Pricing.

Content is about vision. Not going in blind.

You’re less than 6 weeks away from your ideal content strategy

Going in blind is not going to cut it.

You can’t write random content and expect users to buy from it.

You need a clear, effective and easy-to-implement roadmap to start generating revenue from content.

By the end of this process, you’ll have clarity on:

Technical SEO elements preventing your growth

How your existing content can be improved and clear next steps

Exactly what topics to cover to reach your ICP

How to generate endless content ideas effortlessly

Exact steps to follow to improve your content tracking

Fight your competitors, not your team.

Stellar content that brings revenue. Whatever your team size.

You don’t need random content.

You need revenue-driven content.

Growth-driven content.

And it all starts with knowing what to write, how to write it, and who to write it for.

Our world-class content briefs will tell you:

What keywords to target to cover the entire search intent around a topic

The exact content structure to follow (full H2/H3 outline)

All the SEO magic (URL, metadescription, title tag, internal links) to implement

Exactly how to format the information to ensure users LOVE the content (table, illustrations, infographics ...)

Do it all without retainers, new hires or long deadlines

We don’t want content to be hard.

We design our projects to be bite-sized.

  • Maximum length? 6 weeks.

  • Maximum engagement? 4 weeks.

  • Retainer? Come on now ...

Say no to the hiring spree. We work as an extension of your team, whether you’re just getting started, or you have an entire content department

Stop paying to wait. Our projects seldom last more than 6 weeks. We deliver quality work, on time.

Black-box? Not in my house. We strive for transparency. Our deliverables are clear. No hidden fees, no hidden costs, no upsells.

Grow you MRR with content and peace of mind

People-first content. World-class growth. Easy-peasy state of mind.

You should try it.

Our transparent pricing plans

Transparent pricing, no retainers, no sales calls.
Get what you pay for.

90-Day Content Engine Plan
$15k-30k / One-off
Great if you’ve never had a content strategy, or you don’t know what to do with your existing content.

We build a strategy based on the problems you solve by interviewing customers and SMEs.
Get started
Customer Interviews
Ideating Content from JTBD
Existing Content Audit
Tech SEO Audit
Content Marketing Strategy
SME Interviews
Brand Guidelines
Initial Content Work (1 month)
Monthly Content Investment
$5k-10k / month
Most clients stay with us after their 90-day plan. We can also jump straight into content creation if this is what you need.

Our content is designed to be unique, contain expert insights, and fit your narrative.
Get started
Writer Hiring
Writer Management
SME Interviews for each piece of content
Custom featured images
1 custom illustration/1k words
Proofreading & Optimization
At least 7k5 words of content/mo
Initial Content Work (1 month)
Basic plan
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Save 20%
Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
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Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
Get started
Business plan
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Save 20%
Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
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Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
Feature text goes here
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Get started
Foundational & Strategic SEO
from $5,000
One-off project
Measurement & Attribution Audit
Full Technical SEO Audit
Full Site Content Audit
Comprehensive SEO Strategy
Clear SEO & Content Roadmap
Revenue-driven content
from $4,000
for 10 content briefs
Content Research & Strategy
Keyword Research
Topic Ideation
Content Outline Creation
Tone of voice & guidelines
Promotion & Distribution
from $4,000
for 10 links
Full Link Profile Analysis
Link Type Identification
Target Page Identification
Email & Outreach Management
Link Acquisition & Tracking
No BS Content Marketing

Helpful content that solves problems for people.

The #1 mistake content marketers make is pushing people away from their content marketing strategy.

They focus on keywords, volume and number of articles instead of problems, pain points and solutions.

We want to change that.

Your content impact your whole business.

Let it be your best asset.

Your MQL pipeline, on autopilot. No more missed targets.

Speak to your customers’ problems. Prove that you can solve them, and they will buy.

Generate a steady flow of inbound leads. Grow with content.

You won’t ever miss a quarterly objective again.

Content that ACTUALLY brings revenue.

Drive conversions through content.

Ditch those general articles, company updates and average articles you don’t even wanna read.

We’ll help you write the stuff people wanna read.

And that makes them convert.

Join dozens of software companies growing through content

Transparent. Scalable. Effective. No B.S.
Diversify your marketing channels with us.
Your users will thank you.
Customer testimonials

These brands know we’re good

We've helped dozens of companies grow. You can be next.
We're big on content marketing (blogs, videos, podcasts), and the ScaleCrush team was able to double our organic traffic in the first 6 months.
We're still working together and will probably never stop.

I highly recommend them.
Andriy Boychuk
CEO, Flowium
ScaleCrush made me believe in SEO again. We went from 3k organic visits to 13k, in 5 months.
Adrien Lafond
CMO, Anco
ScaleCrush helped take my company’s blog to the next level.

They are bright, kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with!

If you're looking for someone to guide your content marketing efforts, look no further!
Sarah Sanders
Content Strategist, Techsmith

Frequently Asked Questions

We value honesty and transparency.

Are your projects really short-term?


We do not lock clients in long-term contracts, because we think this is not the best relationship.

It favors busy work, not a results-oriented mindset.

That said, we do package our short-term projects together to create longer-term plans, usually over 3 to 6 months.

So you have no long-term clients?

Short-term projects don't mean short-term relationships.

Some of our clients have been working with us for several years.

It's because we value long-term relationships that we don't lock people in.

Our clients stay for the work and results, not because they signed a document at some point in time.

What's a typical project like?

As often with SEO, the answer is "it depends."

We usually start with a foundational project designed to make sure your website is performing as it should, and that we make the most of your existing content.

Then we go into execution mode - this is where it changes based on the budget, client, website, etc.

What's it like working with you?

We know finding a good partner is hard.

If you follow us on LinkedIn, we talk about this a lot.

We value honesty and transparency. We show you the reality as it is, and we don't want to BS you or be misleading.

Can you also write content for us?

Yes, we can.

We do it when clients are a good fit, and when we have the subject matter expertise.

We can do it (and have done it) in the cybersecurity, finance, and insurance spaces, for example.

Ready for a 30min long pitch-slap?

Yeah - me neither. That's why we don't do them.

But we can spend some time trying to figure out whether we're a fit for each other.