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How to Attract Customers to your Online Store and Keep Them

Published on

July 23, 2022

How to Attract Customers to your Online Store and Keep Them

Table of contents
👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

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👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

If you want my team to help with your eCommerce SEO campaigns, click here.

Every business needs customers to survive. After all, you only exist because of them. But, more importantly, if you want your business to thrive in today’s digitalized world, then you need to have an effective strategy for driving your online customers to your business.

Of course, you also need to invest in a powerful system that helps you keep these customers.

Fortunately, with the right strategy and tips on how to attract customers to your online store, you can push significant traffic to your eCommerce, convert them to customers and achieve the sales numbers you need to thrive.

But, here’s the million-dollar question — what approach to gaining customers online has the best impact?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we share proven tips on how to get your customers' attention online. However, it does end there. You also discover strategies to keep your customers coming back for more.

So, let’s jump into it!

How to Gain Significant Customer Attention Online

Winning new customers can be quite a challenge sometimes. However, some fundamental trade secrets can improve your chances and boost your success rate.

Here are five essential tips on how to attract customers to your online store:

Have a strong and unique brand identity

The first step to attracting new customers is unique brand identity.


It makes it easier for your brand to stay in the minds of your potential customers. You see, chances are your customers will not buy from you the first time they come across your brand. Of course, we all hope they do, but it rarely happens.

But how do you make sure they remember you when they require your products or services? Have a strong and unique brand identity!

Remember, your brand identity covers everything from your logo to your fonts, brand colors, and even your website design. This leads us to the next tip.

Team creating a brand identity to attract customers

Create an aesthetically pleasing website 

Now that you have a good and unique brand identity, an aesthetically pleasing website is another way to get your customer's attention online. 

Your website is an integral part of your eCommerce customer acquisition as a business owner. This is because your website makes your first impression (in many cases) and doubles as an ever-available customer assistant.

So, if your website has a poor design, is difficult to navigate, and offers less than adequate user experience, chances are your potential customers will go to the competition.

On the other hand, a sleek and intuitive will boost customer confidence in your brand.

Optimize your product listing

Next on how to attract customers to online store — optimizing your product listing.

Your customers should be able to find what they want on your website quickly and without stress. Otherwise, they may leave.

Remember, nobody wants to stress looking for a product they’ll pay for when they are other alternatives.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your product listing:

  • Include key details of your product on your website, the product titles, product names, and your brand name
  • Include shipping and delivery information, cost inclusive
  • Be sure your product description is well-detailed
  • Include reviews of other customers in your product listing.

Use high-quality product images

No one will want to purchase an item they haven't seen — this is basic. However, it is enough just to take a picture of your product. You want to make sure it’s an accurate and high-quality representation of your offers.

Here’s a checklist that can help you when creating product images for your website:

  • Use a very top-notch camera so that you get great pictures
  • Be sure the items have no shadow
  • Take different photos of the product from several angles
  • Utilize various props or set-up for your image shooting.

Have excellent customer experience and support services 

When visitors and potential customers see that you prioritize customer experience, they are more likely to do business with you. After all, who doesn’t like getting the help they need when they need it?

Therefore, if you want to attract new customers to your online store, show them you value them. In addition, ensure that your website is easy to navigate and your payment channels are stress-free.

Also, ensure that customers can access your customer support whenever they have queries. No doubt, good customer support will make your online store more appealing to both new and existing customers.

How to Attract Customers to your Online Store with Digital Marketing

Leveraging digital marketing channels can significantly improve your customer acquisition results.

Here are some cost-effective and powerful digital marketing strategies for attracting new customers to your eCommerce:

Leverage SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is one of the best ways to put your website in the faces of internet users.

Optimizing your website ensures you’re one of the first business people see when searching for your products or services on Google or other search engines.

Woman using digital marketing to attract new customers

Use Google Ads

Google is the internet’s lead search engine. Furthermore, regardless of SEO rankings, Google Ads always show up at the top of SERPs.

So, taking out some Google Ads for your business can significantly boost your online visibility.

Content marketing

How can you attract customers to your online store with digital marketing? Try content marketing.

It helps you reel in customers by providing valuable information related to your products or services. With content marketing, you’d be:

  • Promoting your brand
  • Providing value to customers
  • Attracting customers to your store.

All at once!

Social media marketing 

Social media marketing is another powerful tool for eCommerce business owners. With at least half of the world’s population on one social media platform or the other, using these platforms to promote your business is an excellent idea!

Popular options include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Etc.

Keeping your Online Customers: Essential Tips to Help You

You should now have more ideas to improve your eCommerce customer acquisition. However, the goal is to keep these customers coming back. So, how do you retain your customers?

Here are some tips for you:

  • Invest in email marketing
  • Ensure you offer top-notch customer service every time
  • Make sure you deliver on all your promises, or make sure to apologize if you don’t
  • Acknowledge customer orders or returns
  • Organize discounted or special sales as often as you can
  • Offer detailed information on your product or services
  • Organize contests between customers and offer valuable rewards
  • Always keep your website up-to-date.

Final Thoughts

Customers are the lifeline of any business. So, it’s crucial you maintain a healthy cycle of customers to ensure your business.

Hopefully, this article has given you tips on how to get your customers' attention online and bring them to your store.

But, remember, retaining customers is almost as important as getting, maybe more. So, don’t neglect customer retention!

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