Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for eCommerce

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July 23, 2022

Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for eCommerce

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đź‘‹ I hope you enjoy reading this post

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One of the most important aspects of any eCommerce site is conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Although most eCommerce businesses approach CRO as a one-off project and attempt to optimize the whole site at once every few years, CRO is actually an ongoing process that requires tiny, but regular, changes.

However, the CRO process can be both time-consuming and overwhelming. So, to help you do it effectively, you've got to use the right tools. Depending on your needs, CRO tools can range from data collection and analytics tools to research and A/B testing tools. 

If you don't have the ideal tools to collect relevant data, gather feedback from your visitors, or test potential changes to your site, then you may be at a disadvantage.

This is why we've compiled a list of the top 10 conversion rate optimization tools for eCommerce businesses.

What Are Conversion Rate Optimization Tools? 

Conversion rate optimization tools are software applications that help eCommerce site owners improve their conversion rates by providing a detailed analysis of their website and user experience. 

Most conversion rate optimization tools provide similar features (some even market themselves as all-in-one platforms). However, most of them focus on one main feature that they excel at, such as: 

  • Site analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Collecting customer feedback
  • Heatmaps and visitor recordings
  • Personalization and targeting.
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Top 10 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for eCommerce 

The best thing you can do to improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce site is to integrate multiple tools, each focusing on a different aspect of CRO, into your CRO strategy.

Here are some of the top conversion rate optimization tools for eCommerce:

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about website traffic and visitor behavior.

Although this tool is not specifically built for conversion rate optimization, it covers many of the basics of CRO, including:

  • Traffic source analysis
  • Real-time data
  • User segmentation
  • Events tracking.

Simply put, Google Analytics can help you answer questions ranging from the broadest possible ("How many people visit my site?") to the very specific ("How much revenue did we make from users who came from Twitter last Tuesday morning?"). 


KissMetrics is an analytics tool that lets you track visitor behavior on your website and use that data to tweak your conversion rate optimization strategy.

With KissMetrics, you can:

  • Track key metrics and see all of them in one dashboard.
  • Understand populations and cohorts.
  • Track visitor behavior over time with detailed reports.
  • Analyze the lifetime value of your customers.

KissMetrics pricing starts at $299 per month for the Silver plan, $499 per month for the Gold plan, and custom pricing for the Platinum plan.


Contentsquare, previously Clicktale, tracks how users interact with your website and provides actionable insights to help you improve the user experience and increase conversions.

It also records every move a visitor makes on your site and provides visual heatmaps of what people are clicking on.

Since Contentsquare mainly targets large companies, they don’t provide pricing info on their website. To find out the prices, you need to request a demo.


Many website analytics tools monitor how users interact with your site. But Decibel takes these insights further by combining analytics with heatmaps and session replay functions.

This means it can tell you not just what visitors are doing but why they’re doing it. As such, it’s an excellent tool for CRO.

Decibel offers two pricing plans for websites and one plan for apps. However, they do not provide pricing details on the website. To find out the prices, you need to contact their sales team.


Unbounce is a hosted solution that allows you to build and edit landing pages without IT assistance. What makes Unbounce different from other landing page builders is that it focuses specifically on building landing pages optimized for conversion.

In addition, it provides A/B testing and conversion insights to help you test and optimize your landing pages.

Unbounce offers a free 14-day trial to allow its users to test the platform before committing to any of their paid plans, which start at $90 per month. 


Mouseflow is a conversion rate optimization tool that helps eCommerce business owners understand how their customers are behaving on their website so that they can make changes to increase revenue.

  • Mouseflow tracks customer behavior
  • It records individual sessions
  • And collects and analyzes site data.

It shows the entire user experience from start to finish and provides heatmaps to identify where people spend the most time on each page.

MouseFlow offers a free plan with limited access, and its pricing plans range from $24 to $299 per month. 


Plerdy helps businesses understand how people are using their websites and how to make it easier for them to buy things. It can track every action on your website and provide valuable data about user behavior and intent.

With Plerdy, you can:

  • Download custom reports 
  • Instantly spot problem areas anywhere on your site
  • View the exact path your visitors took before checking out 
  • Get unique insights into your customers’ journey

Plerdy offers a free plan with limited access, and its pricing plans range from $23 to $79 per month. 


Hotjar is a website heatmap tool that helps eCommerce businesses understand how users behave on their websites.

With features such as heatmaps, recordings, and feedback polls, Hotjar collects data to help you make more informed decisions about your site’s overall design and improve your conversion rate.

Hotjar offers a free plan limited to 35 daily sessions, and its pricing plans start at $31 per month. 


Mixpanel is a powerful and easy-to-use product analytics platform that helps you learn about your users' behavior.


  • Offers self-serve product analytics to help businesses make better data-driven decisions
  • Understands what users want
  • And ultimately improves their products.

Mixpanel offers a free plan limited to 100k monthly tracked users, and its paid plans start at $25 per month. 


Shoppimon is an AI-based solution for website performance and conversion rate optimization. It provides automated secret shoppers to accurately test your site 24/7 to help prevent cart abandonment and bad customer experiences.

In addition, Shoppimon alerts you when customer experience issues and other technical problems arise.

Shoppimon doesn’t provide pricing information on their website. To find out the prices, request a demo or get in touch with their team. 

Best Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for You 

In this guide, we have given you a list of top conversion rate optimization tools that we think will help your eCommerce business.

However, before committing to a specific tool, consider your eCommerce business goals and needs. That way, you can choose the tool (or tools) that best fit your business - and get started on optimizing your website for a better conversion rate today.

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