Choose the Right Facebook Ad Automation Tool for Your eCommerce

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July 23, 2022

Choose the Right Facebook Ad Automation Tool for Your eCommerce

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👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

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Social media has become one of the primary marketing tools used by eCommerce stores to get organic web traffic.

However, organic traffic may not always be enough. As an eCommerce business owner, you may already be running Facebook ads to increase traffic and conversions.

If you do, using a Facebook ads automation tool can not only take your advertising strategy to a whole new level, but also reduce your workload.

However, with so many Facebook ads automation tools out there, it can seem like an impossible task to select the right one for your eCommerce business.

To help you make the right choice, in this article, we will look at the most popular Facebook ads automation tools that you can use to promote products on Facebook automatically and thus increase your sales.

What Is a Facebook Ads Automation Tool?

Facebook ads automation tools are software applications that help automate the creation and management of Facebook ad campaigns.

A Facebook ads automation tool helps you optimize your campaigns to deliver better results each time.

The goal is to get more clicks on your ads or generate more traffic from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

You can use automation tools to manage your campaign's performance and track metrics like cost per lead (CPL) and cost per click (CPC).

Facebook ads automation tools can help you save time by automating

  • Campaign optimization
  • Ad creation
  • Ad scheduling.

This allows you to focus on other essential parts of your business instead of running manual campaigns on Facebook or Instagram.

What’s more, some tools allow you to run split tests on different ad creative variations. This will help you determine which version gets more clicks or drives higher conversion rates. This way, you can maximize ROI (return on investment) while minimizing CPA (cost per acquisition).

This is an excellent feature for eCommerce stores, as it can help you determine which product image or description attracts more clicks and generates the most conversions.

Woman choosing the best Facebook ad automation tool

Best Facebook Ads Automation Tools for eCommerce

If you want to get the most out of your Facebook ads, you need to test, tweak, and optimize your campaigns constantly. There are several excellent Facebook ads automation tools that can help you do that.

Here are some of the best Facebook ads automation tools for eCommerce.


Revealbot is the most popular Facebook ads automation tool for eCommerce stores on the market.

Revealbot helps you manage your Facebook and Instagram ads by turning manual tasks into automated actions.

With Revealbot, you can:

  • Automate your ad creation
  • Optimize your budget with campaign automation
  • Generate insight reports.

Revealbot allows you to A/B test your Facebook ads and pause underperforming ads automatically. This automation tool will definitely help you improve your ad conversion rates.


Connectio is one of the best Facebook ads automation tools for eCommerce. It's great for anyone who wants to sell their products on social media but doesn't want to spend hours creating ads or managing them manually.

It is a suite of products that allow you to create, test, and optimize different ad campaigns in minutes.

What’s more, Connectio can also help you figure out what’s not working with your ads and how to fix it, thanks to its AI-based infrastructure.

It helps you:

  • Target the right audiences
  • Automate your ad campaigns
  • Generate leads
  • Set specific campaign rules to maximize your campaign results.

Hootsuite Ads 

Hootsuite Ads combines the power of Facebook and Hootsuite's social media management software into one efficient marketing tool.

It helps you manage and optimize your social media ads in one place. From reporting to scheduling and publishing, it's a one-stop shop for marketers looking to streamline their social media marketing strategy.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is a Facebook ads automation tool that focuses on retargeting audiences to maximize your ad conversions. With the help of this tool, you can send targeted ads to both new and returning visitors.

With Perfect Audience, you can target users by their:

  • Location
  • Device type
  • Browser
  • And more.

You can even set up specific retargeting funnels to target a particular segment of users based on their previous actions on your site (like abandoning their shopping cart).


AdEspresso is a comprehensive digital advertising tool that allows you to create, manage, and optimize your online marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms with just a few clicks.

The solution is designed for busy marketers and eCommerce business owners who don't have the time or resources to create and test different versions of the same ad.

Thanks to its automation features, AdEspresso enables you to simultaneously A/B test your Facebook ads across multiple dimensions (such as audiences, ad types, and images) in real-time so that you can increase campaign performance and maximize your CTR faster.

Workers choosing the right Facebook ad automation tools

How to Choose the Right Facebook Ad Automation Tool for eCommerce

The first thing to consider before investing in a Facebook ads automation tool is whether your eCommerce business really needs it.

Do you run multiple, advanced Facebook ads? If so, you definitely need a Facebook ads automation tool because you'll be able to run better-targeted ads with less effort and time.

It can also help you optimize your ad campaigns to generate better results.

Another thing to consider before choosing the right Facebook ads automation tool for you is whether its features align with your goals. What are the tasks you want to automate with this tool?

The goal of automating your Facebook ad campaigns is to save time and money, so make sure you choose a tool that automates all the main aspects of running a campaign.

What’s more, if you use one of the eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, make sure to choose an automation tool that integrates seamlessly with them. 

Start Using the Right Facebook Ads Automation Tool for eCommerce

With so many different options out there, it can be hard to decide which Facebook ads automation tool is the best for your eCommerce business.

Some of these tools offer a “one-size-fits-all” solution, while others are more niche and advanced.

However, it's important to find the right tool that fits your business needs and works with your eCommerce platform.

The right tool can help you increase sales, target the right audience, and manage multiple campaigns — all while working within your budget.

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