Display Advertising Trends in eCommerce That Are Worth Your Attention

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July 23, 2022

Display Advertising Trends in eCommerce That Are Worth Your Attention

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đź‘‹ I hope you enjoy reading this post

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đź‘‹ I hope you enjoy reading this post

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Over the years, the eCommerce space has experienced several display advertising trends. However, while some ended as fast as they started, others have had much more significant and progressive effects on the industry.

For the most part, eCommerce business owners have discovered that riding the waves of these trends can help achieve business goals much faster and enjoy many other advantages. But, the truth is not all display ad trends are worth following.

So, how do you know what trend to jump on as a business?

In this article, we discuss several display advertising trends that have been proven to work. This way, you can know which trend you want your business to follow. Furthermore, we also explore several reasons why following display ad trends can be an excellent decision.

So, don’t stop reading!

Should I Follow Display Advertising Trends?

While there is no right or wrong answer here, history has shown that following display advertising trends can be an excellent course of action. 

You see, the key is to understand a trend and predict its trajectory. Once you do this and discover that the direction of the trend aligns with your business goals, then it is an excellent idea to jump on such trends.

That said, here are some benefits you can enjoy when you follow ad trends:

  • Following display ads trends makes it easier to make predictions that will help boost your market growth.
  • Trends are less resource-intensive as you don’t have to do so much brainstorming and research.
  • Following ads trends paves the way for better business ideas to come up. 
  • By staying up to date with active trends, you'll get lots of ideas on improving the way you satisfy your consumers' needs. 
  • It's a reliable way to track changes in the economy and consumer behaviour.
  • Finally, trends can be a source of inspiration for you and your business.

Our Top 6 Trends to Follow in eCommerce Advertising

Here is a compilation of display advertising trends that can help you strategize and get better results for your eCommerce business:

Use dynamic display ads

Statistics have shown that dynamic ads can improve customer conversion as you’re offering your audience just what they were searching for on the internet. Furthermore, it can also reduce the frequency of cart abandonments as users are buying what they want and need.

For instance, saying a potential customer is searching for running shoes. A dynamic display ad with a data feed link to those shoes (or similar options) will pop up on other web pages and social media they visit, thereby attracting their attention to your eCommerce platform.

Example of a sport display ad

Pro tip? 

You can carry out A/B testing to determine the best approach for your target audience. First, however, make sure you remain in compliance with GDPR laws.

Design your display ads for mobile-first

Today, more online shoppers use their mobile phones and similar devices than PCs.

Therefore, when designing for your display advertising, make sure they're mobile devices friendly. Otherwise, you may put off your potential customers when your ads do not load well on their devices.

Remember, all the content put out on your display ad campaigns should be able to adapt seamlessly to all sorts of mobile devices and networks. 

Responsive display ad

Use targeted surveys

Before you launch your display ads, it is crucial that you know what your potential customers want. This way, you know the specific products or services your targeting audience would like to buy.

Carrying out interactive surveys is one way to learn what products and services your potential customers would like. This is why conducting surveys from time to time is extremely important. Besides, this helps keep you up-to-date with the trends your customers follow.

But, make sure to keep the surveys:

  • Short
  • Precise
  • Interactive.

Recycle your old content

Having to come up with new content every time can quickly become stressful and resource-intensive, especially for smaller businesses.

While new content is undoubtedly essential from time to time, you don’t have to stress over it each time you want to create an ad.

Instead, you can recycle and repurpose some of your old content that is relevant and engaging! 

By recycling your old content, you can develop new campaigns much faster, use up fewer resources, and still get impressive returns on your ads.

Besides, repurposing old content was one of the advertising trends of 2021, and if the numbers are any indication, it worked!

Target general shopping seasons

There are some global shopping days that the general public and customer base generally anticipate more.

As a result, they tend to spend more during these times. Some examples of such periods include Black Fridays, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. 

One of several effective display advertising trends is capitalizing on these seasons, where your target audience is already even looking to buy. All you’d have to do is offer them enticing deals they cannot resist with your ads.

Also, most brands try to create anticipation before the day arrives. This is another strategy you can employ so that your potential customers already know about you and your business before making their buying decisions.


This last display ad trend is a no-brainer. Customers are more likely to trust a brand (especially an online business) that they think is transparent and upfront with them.

So, when you create your display ads, ensure that you communicate honestly with your target audience and show them that you’re a brand they can trust.

Display ad trends

Final Take

Undoubtedly, display advertising is one of the best ways to get potential customers into your sales funnels.

However, navigating the world of display advertising trends can understandably be sometimes challenging. Hopefully, this article helps you along the way. 

Consider introducing these display ad trends into your advertising strategies to give your eCommerce business the best chance to stand out among the competition!

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Display Advertising Trends in eCommerce That Are Worth Your Attention

Discover the latest display advertising trends that are worth to be considered. Get creative with your advertising content and let us inspire you!
Vince Moreau
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