How to Create Attractive Display Advertising Banners for eCommerce

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July 23, 2022

How to Create Attractive Display Advertising Banners for eCommerce

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👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

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👋 I hope you enjoy reading this post

If you want my team to help with your eCommerce SEO campaigns, click here.

You cannot afford to skimp on the design with display advertising banners. 


Your potential customers have only a few seconds to view and decide on your brand, so making your display ads appealing to the eyes is one more way to make sure they make the right decision.

However, with appropriate designs, display advertising banners are effective at convincing shoppers to visit your eCommerce store.

Today, online display banner advertising has become one of the most popular and effective types of online advertising. So it’s no wonder more and more business owners are leveraging the conversions they generate.

After all, well-designed display ads can:

  • Build awareness for your business
  • Generate a lot of clicks
  • Lead to conversions. 

But, the key is to have attractive display ads!

In this post, our goal is to help you discover how to create attractive display advertising banners for eCommerce. 

Ready to get more clicks and conversions with your display ads? Let’s jump right into it!

Setting Up Online Banners for Display Advertising 

Before you create display advertising banners, you want to start by creating a corporate Google Ads account for your business. 

This is the platform used to set up and monitor your display ads. 

Check out this comprehensive guide on setting up your corporate Google Ads account.

Woman creating an online banner display advertising.

Once created, the next thing to do is navigate to the campaign section, click the red +ad button, and select the ad type you want to use. 

Depending on your business needs, you can choose from the following options: 

  • Responsive ads: This type allows you to upload one image and text for your ad. The banners are then displayed in different sizes and formats depending on the ads spaces. However, the limitation with this type is that you can’t control how your ads are displayed at all times. 
  • Image/video ads: You can upload multiple pre-designed images and videos from your site with these types. You want to keep the file sizes to 150kb or less. 

How to set up your Google Display ads

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Under all campaigns, select ‘display campaigns’
  • Select ‘ads and extensions’ and click ‘ads.’
  • Select the type of ads you want to use and ad group
  • Click ‘images and logos’ to add your images and brand logo
  • If using videos, click the video button to add a YouTube link to your video
  • You can then input your headlines, copies, and description of your product/business
  • You can also select your call to action text and input the URL to the page you want action-takers to land.

Once you have created and set up your display ads, the Google team will place them under review. Approval usually happens within 24 hours. 

Creating Content for your Display Advertising Banners: Tips

Setting up your Google display ads account is only the first step. Next comes the design of the display advertising banners. Keep reading to discover some proven tips to help you in your creation process. 

1. Keep your display ad banner design simple

You don't have to do so much to create display ads that effectively generate interest and build awareness. 

Keep them simple! 

The best display ads are simple, easy to understand, and with colors and copies that complement each other. In other words, you don’t want to over clutter your display banners with words or use overwhelming bright colors that will confuse your viewers. 

Once you can communicate your offer, product, and call-to-action, you are good to go! 

An attractive display ad banner

2. Select the right banner size

When creating online display advertising banners, you also want to consider the right size. The best converting banner sizes are as follows: 

  • 728x90px-Leaderboard
  • 300x600px-Half page
  • 300x250px- Medium Rectangle
  • 336x280px-Large rectangle

When combined with the suitable sizes, colors, and copy, you can get the best impressions and returns on your display ads banners. 

Responsive display advertising banners
Responsive display advertising banners

3. Use high-quality banner videos and photos

Whether you are using videos, animations, illustrations, or static images, you want to ensure they are of the highest quality. 

Irrespective of the banner sizes, your design assets must come out well. 

With images, use bright, clear, and catchy ones. You should also optimize them to fit your banner size, ad type, and platform. 

In-banner videos can also be an effective tool for capturing your audience's attention. Depending on your preferences, you can include videos as the background of your banner or as part of an animation. 

Remember, the goal is to stand out, so be sure to leverage the best and highest quality design assets that best represent your business. 

Example of a display ad banner of high quality

4. Choose the right colors of your display advertising banners

As you probably already know, different colors evoke different responses to the viewers. 

This means you want to use the right ones that best communicate the messages of your brands.

For example, bright colors like red, orange, and yellow signify passion, playfulness, and friendliness respectively. On the other hand, blue, purple, and green colors show safety, luxury, health, and wellness. 

Before selecting a color, consider your brand's message and what you hope to communicate to your audience. 

And by studying your target audience and what excites them, you are better able to select the appropriate colors that best capture their attention. 

Example of a good display advertising banner

5. Include a clear call to action

Your display advertising banners must feature a clear call to action button. You want to use a clear button with a color that stands out from the rest of the elements on your ads, but that also complements your ad.

Furthermore, your CTAs must also be effective at igniting a sense of urgency while communicating the benefits of your products. 

For example, words like ‘act now’ or ‘for a limited time only’ can spur your audience to move immediately and take the needed action. 

Also, their placement is essential. We recommend placing them on the lower right side of your display ads. However, you may also test different positions to discover which gets you the best conversions. 

Display Ads Banners: Wrapping Up

Creating attractive display advertising banners for eCommerce may seem overly complex and challenging. However, the process should be much more manageable with the above tips.

Remember, by using the right colors, copies, a clear call to action, and high-quality design assets, you are well able to stand out. But, more importantly, focus on your audience, what appeals to them, and test different elements and styles till you find what works best for your business!

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