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Remove uncertainty from SaaS marketing

We help B2B tech leaders craft a marketing strategy they can be confident in by investigating their market and aligning with customer insights.

Despite increasing budgets and trying lots of things ...

Your marketing isn’t delivering enough

You have a solid product with a decent user base

You launched and you’re seeing results, but you’re not growing as fast as you thought you would.

You’ve got the basics covered

Outreach, social selling, ads, hiring BDRs - you’ve done it all. You’ve implemented all the “best practices” out there, but it didn’t have the expected effects.

G2/Capterra, Communities, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads. Ads, ads, ads

They’re great for short-term results, but they’re not turning you into an industry leader.

Now what?

What’s your next move? AI-content, demand generation, dark social, Tik-Tok dances, more ads, ABM, laser-focused audience targeting?

These probably ring a bell

Everyone is saying
their shit is gold

Marketing “gurus” all say that their method is the only right thing to do.

But nothing they say is based on facts, and they lack a clear process.

You’re out of
low-hanging fruit

Low hanging fruit often ends up looking like busy work.

Optimizing email open rates, changing ad creative, redesigning your homepage - all that is good, but it has a limited effect.

You’re jumping from one thing to the next

You’re stuck in an endless cycle of switching channels and trying new things.

You’re always hoping your next campaign will finally help you hit your targets.

You're doing campaign management,
not marketing...

under line

3 simple steps to
marketing effectiveness

Diagnosis/Market Research

Understanding who you’re selling to, the problems you solve, who you’re up against why people buy, and what they want to hear


Coming up with a plan to spread the right message to the right person, everywhere they are, all the time.


Channel-based execution and running campaigns: LinkedIn Ads, Social Media, SEO, Content, etc.

Focusing on execution alone is not enough.
You need to go back to the basics.

Super duper mega
product marketing sprint (championship edition)

An in-depth look at the market, the competition, what people say about you, and why they buy. Then translating all of this into a new narrative and effective messaging.

What you'll get:

Customer Interviews
AI User Reviews Analysis
Marketing Narrative Workshop
Messaging Workshop
New Messaging Matrix
Comprehensive messaging report
Product Marketing Roadmap

It will help you:

Make fact-based marketing decisions

Align your marketing assets across all channels

Know what to say to your ICP

From $14,997 - Once off project
"ScaleCrush helped take my company’s website to the next level. They are bright, kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with! If you're looking for someone to guide your marketing efforts, look no further!"

Sarah Sanders

International Strategy & Expansion

"I just finished watching the recap video and everything looks awesome on my end. We have a company meeting tomorrow where I’ll go over some of these things with the rest of the team to get on the same page. I’m excited to get to work on making these updates!"

Nathalie Lussier


Extra turbo super
content strategy sprint

Creating a content strategy based on insights from 4 sources: your market & product knowledge, hands-on customer research, existing content performance, and competitive analysis. All of it compiled into an easy-to-follow roadmap.

What you’ll get:

Customer Interviews
Tech SEO Audit & Roadmap
Content Performance Audit
Competitive Gap Analysis
Topic Ideation
Content Marketing Strategy
Content Calendar

It will help you:

Understand what's working and what isn't, and how to improve

Make the most of your existing content

Know what content to produce and which channels to focus on

From $4,997 - Once off project

Over-the-top Ultimate Content Production Sprint

Doing the work on your owned assets. We’ll align your website pages, blog content, downloadable content and comparison pages with what people actually want to read.

What you'll get:

Helpful & Memorable Content

People need to remember you if you want them to buy. You need to be helpful to attract them, and memorable to build mental availability.

Custom Visuals (Illustrations, Featured Images, Social Posts)

On-brand, custom illustrations & featured images for each content piece produced. Don't settle for stock graphics.

Completely DFY Content Alignment

Based on your reworked narrative, we'll go through each important page and overhaul the copy - from your homepage to comparison pages.

Marketing narrative embedded in content

Bridge the gap between the problems and your solution.

Embed your narrative in your content, and show people why they should choose you. Quit the generic "value-add".
We’ve helped multiple brands build great content assets, from blogs to comparison pages, whitepapers, guides and everything in between.
"Thanks for the quality content, including the brand-aligned illustrations and links I'll add 1-2 small comments per article, nothing major as far as I can see."

Jakob Storjohann


This is what the end result looks like:


A few brutally honest questions you might have. And our honest answers.

How will I make money off of this?

You won't. Not in the first 2 months.

The reality is that you're probably already leaving a lot of money on the table with bad marketing. Aligning with the market is one of the most powerful things you can do to grow efficiently.

We don't promise 5x ROI or your money back, because that's not how real work gets done.

If you're looking for a miraculous, get-rich-quick easy way to scale, you're in the wrong place.

How do I know you will deliver?

You don't.

But that's true of any project before it starts.

There's no way for us to guarantee results, but you can check our deliverables in our playbook.

Is this a talented freelancer outsourcing to freelancers?

The only thing that we outsource is graphic design and some copywriting, because the economics do not make sense.

Every other team member is a full-time employee with a real contract.

Freelancers working on a project have very different goals than FTEs, which is why 90% of our work is done in-house.

We're in the business of people, and we treat our people well.

Does this process work?

Yes, it does, if you commit to it.

If you are ready to implement our recommendations and follow the market instead of competitors or "educated" guesses, it will work.

It will feel uncomfortable at times, which is a good sign you're making progress.

How much is required from me/my team?

We will need you to collaborate closely with us, especially during the implementation phase.

We will do our work, but we will also expect you to do yours.

If you can't commit to do your part, we can't work together.

Is this for me?

If you are a B2B SaaS company with a small marketing department, and you have no idea what the next move is, it's for you.

Your ARR, team size or category do not matter.

Stop throwing stuff at the wall

If you're unsure what the next move is, we should talk.

We'll help you build a plan you feel confident in.

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