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Let's be mindful of each other's time.

We hate having to go through calls for pricing, so we don't force you to either.

These prices are "from", but you can get a good idea of what we usually charge.

Simple, transparent pricing

We offer 3 types of projects.

A one-time product marketing sprint.
A one-time content strategy sprint.
Monthly Content Production.

And that's it. No fluff, easy-to-understand.

Super duper mega Product Marketing sprint (championship edition)

60-days turnaround
Customer Interviews
Customer Interviews Analysis
AI User Reviews Analysis
Customer Research Report
Marketing Narrative Workshop
New Marketing Narrative
Messaging Workshop
New Messaging Matrix
Comprehensive messaging report
Product Marketing Roadmap
One-time fee: from $14,997
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30-days money-back guarantee included

Over-the-top Ultimate Content Production 

Monthly commitment - no retainer
Monthly Content Production/Briefs
Internal SME Interviews
Brand Guidelines Creation
On-brand featured images
On-brand custom illustrations
Search Engine Optimization
Content Performance Dashboard
From $4,997/month
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30-days money-back guarantee included

Basic plan

$96 /month
Ideal for small teams and startups.
Access to all basic features
Basic reporting and analytics
Up to 10 individual users
20GB individual data each user
Basic chat and email support
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Enterprise plan

$384 /month
Large teams with unlimited users.
Advanced custom fields
Audit log and data history
Unlimited individual users
Unlimited individual data
Personalised+priotity service
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Nothing is "surface level" or answered off the cuff without a lot of thought into how it will impact results and strategy. They aren't just "going through the motions."

Nathalie Lussier
CEO, AccessAlly

A unique transparent pricing model, a fun approach, expertise in Webflow and B2B SaaS. Great team and great results.

Jakob Storjohann
CEO, IdeaNote

ScaleCrush helped take my company’s website to the next level. They are bright, kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with! If you're looking for someone to guide your marketing efforts, look no further!

Sarah Sanders
International Strategist, Techsmith
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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

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Is there really no commitment?
Our sprints are designed to be once-off projects. You don't have to commit to anything else.

They can also be integrated in a larger project size if you prefer it this way.

Our monthly content production sprints have a 30-day notice.
How much is required from me?
For product marketing and content strategy sprints, we'll need your full attention and expertise.

We'll need you during kickoff calls and workshops — this is part of the process.

For content production sprints, you can be involved as much as you like.
What does the day-to-day look like?
We'll set a shared Slack channel up (or something else if you don't use Slack) and communiate via Slack, Email and Google Sheets/Docs.

We have a 24-hour reply policy for all clients.
Is this for me?
If you're a B2B company with a small marketing department (or sometimes no marketing department at all), we can help.

If you're looking to outsource some of your content/SEO work to a reliable agency partner, we can help.

If you're looking for the cheapest work possible and you're focused on volume and output, this isn't for you.
How does billing work?
All our work is payable upfront, before the start of the month.

We offer additionnal discounts if you are willing to pay several months upfront (up to 10%)